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As part of Viva La Brisa mission, we are community servants and to help others in our community in any way we can. With every Viva La Brisa purchase, you will be supporting two great charities that we have partnered with such as the National CMV Foundation to help bring awareness of Cytomegalovirus infection and Community Food Bank of Alabama helping those struggling to feed their families in Alabama.  We will be making donations to these organizations and updating this page with the difference you are making in their lives. To learn more about these organizations, see the links below and how you can donate directly.


Community Food Bank of Alabama

The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama partners with more than 100 grocery stores across Central Alabama on a very special donation program that ensures wholesome food reaches the tables of families in need instead of overflowing landfills. Five days a week the Community Food Bank’s trucks pick up food donations from partners including Publix Super Markets, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, Aldi, Winn Dixie, Target, and more. In 2017, these stores donated more than 5.1 million meals that then supplied 243 food pantries and shelters. That food helped us feed between 60,000 - 80,000 children, seniors, veterans and families in Central Alabama each month.

To learn more, please visit 



National CMV Foundation 

Congenital CMV is the most common viral infection that infants are born with in the United States, occurring in 1 per 200 births. Because CMV is a silent disease – meaning most people who are infected have no signs of symptoms (asymptomatic) – the mother is likely unaware she has CMV during her pregnancy. Babies born with CMV may have birth defects and/or experience a vast range of developmental disabilities. And only 9% of women know about it.

The National CMV Foundation is a public non-profit, 501c3, tax-exempt organization dedicated to educating women of childbearing age about congenital CMV. Our purpose is to prevent CMV infection in women of childbearing age, by: 

  • Empowering women, parents, families and local community networks through grassroots engagement to facilitate conversation and champion the cause.
  • Delivering consistent, clear messaging and evidence-based data that aids in prevention, educates the public, and increases its understanding of congenitalCMV.
  • Influencing CMV research priorities regarding CMV prevention, treatment, and intervention.
  • Advocating for a CMV vaccine.

    To learn more, please visit


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