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One afternoon while sweating through a collegiate football game under the southern sun, my husband and I found ourselves searching for anything to cool us down. After a quick glance around the stadium, we noticed everyone had resorted to paper fans and programs to cool down. That’s when we wondered, ‘why do American women not use the stylish and portable Spanish fans European girls never leave home without?’ With our Spanish and Italian heritage, we are accustomed to seeing European women fan themselves on a hot summer day. The fans are easy to fit in a purse, back pocket and practical, without compromising your style. That day, Viva La Brisa was born.

Our mission is to bring unique, quality, handcrafted Spanish fans designed with your favorite fashion trends and styles in mind. Also, part of our mission to help those in need as proceeds from your Viva la Brisa purchase support local charities. Check out the charity page on our website to learn more about the charities we support and the impact they have in our communities.

Viva la Brisa, "Long live the breeze" #FansforLife

Photography provided by Milan Ballard

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